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Mechanical test specimens were prepared from the cranial and caudal cortices of radii from eight horses. These were subjected to destructive tests in either tension or compression. The ultimate stress, elastic modulus and energy absorbed to failure were calculated in either mode of loading. Analysis was performed on the specimens following mechanical(More)
The behaviour of cortical bone under load is strain rate-dependent, i.e. it is dependent on the rate at which the load is applied. This is particularly relevant in the galloping horse since the strain rates experienced by the bone are far in excess of those recorded for any other species. In this study the effect of strain rates between 0.0001 and 1 sec-1(More)
Through abstract movement, we are able to communicate various emotional content to users on the computer screen. This article examines movement in Theatre and Psychology and how connotative values are associated with movement. Through understanding the characteristics of movement and their various effects, the designer may better understand the complexity(More)
A survey of cadaver material was undertaken in order to determine the prevalence of arthritis of the canine stifle joint. One hundred and fifty unselected cadavers were obtained from veterinary practices for this purpose, and their stifle joints were radiographed and dissected to discover abnormalities. Thirty-one dogs (20 per cent) had stifle arthritis and(More)
With advancing years a dog may suffer from a variety of conditions of its musculoskeletal system which adversely affect its ability to exercise and may cause it to be retired from activities in work and sport for which it has been trained. Arthritis is common, and in many cases arises from developmental errors suffered in puppyhood, such as hip dysplasia,(More)
Contrast radiography was used to determine the position, shape, relationship and capacity of a number of tendon sheaths and bursae which have clinical significance in the horse. It was possible to establish the normal range of radiographic anatomy for these structures. Some variation in the extent and form of tendon sheaths were found between individual(More)