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We have instituted a telephone appointment system (TAS) to follow patients with well-defined relatively minor problems. The patient is asked to call a special phone number at a specified date and time to obtain test results or information. A senior physician reviews each chart beforehand and indicates in lay terms, the information to be given to the patient(More)
for more than 40 years. He was initially trained as an Architect and worked on several major architectural projects. His interest to explore the fundamental questions of design eventually led him to become an internationally well-known expert in the field of Design Theories and Methods. In addition, he resolved the major questions surrounding Inca(More)
certainly, if they were of comparable intellect, they would arrive at the same worldview as our own. Design practices can involve many genres of ethical problems. Some of these problems may be based in issues of representation or, more likely, misrepresentation. Others may be based in issues of sustainability and materiality, or the particulars of product(More)
BACKGROUND The initial care of critically injured patients has profound effects on ultimate outcomes. The "golden hour" of trauma care is often provided by rural hospitals before definitive transfer. There are, however, no standardized methods for providing educational feedback to these hospitals for the purposes of performance improvement. We hypothesized(More)
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