Leslie B Aldrich

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We used antisera that recognized precursors of the neuropeptide cholecystokinin extended at the carboxyl terminus in an immunocytochemical study of the macaque retina. A subpopulation of bipolar cells with long, obliquely oriented dendrites was labeled. Their axons terminated exclusively in the fifth stratum of the inner plexiform layer, where they(More)
BACKGROUND Colonoscopy may fail to detect neoplasia located on the proximal sides of haustral folds and flexures. The Third Eye Retroscope (TER) provides a simultaneous retrograde view that complements the forward view of a standard colonoscope. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the added benefit for polyp detection during colonoscopy of a retrograde-viewing device.(More)
We compared the clinical and biochemical profiles of 11 patients with idiopathic flushing (IF) with those of eight patients with carcinoid syndrome (CS). Patients with IF were more often women, had a longer duration of symptoms, and were younger. Palpitations, syncope, and hypotension occurred only in patients with IF, while wheezing and abdominal pain(More)
We studied the binding of [125I]Tyr11-somatostatin-14 and [125I]Leu8,D-Trp22,Tyr25-somatostatin-28 to frozen, unfixed sections of C57BL/6J mouse eyes with autoradiography. Specific binding of both ligands occurred in 3 maxima, a broad band extending from the retinal ganglion cell to the inner nuclear layers, a narrow and inconstant band over the outer(More)
Pulmonary testing was carried out in 12 of 35 consecutive cases of differentiated thyroid carcinoma metastatic to the lung, which were identified in a retrospective analysis covering the 22-yr period from 1962-1984. In 7 of the 12 patients, pulmonary function tests showed abnormalities. Impaired pulmonary function was associated with a poor prognosis. Four(More)
Pearl mutants have a night-blind phenotype and abnormal optokinetic nystagmus. Preliminary results from another study showed that the light responses of retinal ganglion cells of pearl mutant mice were affected by bathing the isolated retina with low (less than 1 nM) concentrations of either somatostatin-14 or -28, whereas the responses in wild-type retinas(More)
We have made hitherto nearly 1000 determinations of the intensity of solar radiation outside the atmosphere at mean solar distance, termed the solar constant of radiation. The mean value found is 1.93 calories per square centimeter per minute. Langley's spectro-bolometric method was employed. This consists in determining the distribution of the energy in(More)