Leslie A Schiff

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Reovirus outer-capsid proteins ␮1, ␴3, and ␴1 are thought to be assembled onto nascent core-like particles within infected cells, leading to the production of progeny virions. Consistent with this model, we report the in vitro assembly of baculovirus-expressed ␮1 and ␴3 onto purified cores that lack ␮1, ␴3, and ␴1. The resulting particles (recoated cores,(More)
BACKGROUND Mammalian reoviruses naturally infect their hosts through the enteric and respiratory tracts. During enteric infections, proteolysis of the reovirus outer capsid protein sigma3 is mediated by pancreatic serine proteases. In contrast, the proteases critical for reovirus replication in the lung are unknown. Neutrophil elastase (NE) is an(More)
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