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Although most health care providers now recognize the importance of crisis intervention, support, and/or treatment for survivors of violence and abuse, such care is compromised unless early detection becomes a routine part of intake and assessment protocols in nursing and other facets of health care. This paper describes the development of a tool to assist(More)
Fifty percent of visits of primary care providers are for psychiatric problems making it desirable to screen for mental, addictive, or behavioral disorders at the level of primary care. Psychiatric/mental health nurses prepared at the master's level to practice in the blended clinical specialist/nurse practitioner role are well placed to treat or(More)
Many nurse educators today are sensitized to the importance of including content on violence and victim/survivor care in various nursing education programmes. While a survey of Ontario's schools of nursing in Canada revealed a considerable number of hours devoted to this topic, the approach is largely incidental, depending heavily on individual faculty(More)
We congratulate Lindell and colleagues 1 on their recent article in CHEST (February 2015) on palliative care and location of death in idiopathic pulmonary fi brosis (IPF). Despite advances in treatments that slow disease progression, IPF remains a fatal disease. Radical treatment (ie, to alter the natural history) and palliative therapies oft en coincide,(More)
Rats were fed diets resembling a normal human diet, except that, in a complete factorial fashion, safflower oil and/or mineral oil were substituted for part of the fat, while fructose, lactose and/or cellulose were substituted for carbohydrate, and zein was substituted for milk protein. Food intake and weight gain were not influenced by cellulose and(More)
Vitamin B6 deficiency is characterized by a variety of changes in the central nervous system. Weanling male white rats, fed different levels of pyridoxine for 60 days, showed consistent differences in both amplitude and frequency of their electrocortical activity. The more deficient animals displayed higher EEG voltages and a higher dominant frequency.(More)
This study aims to address the problem of woman abuse in South Africa as a basis for program development for survivors of violence. It also presents documentation for the expansion of social, health, and legal services for abused women and children. Ethnographic interviews were conducted on 37 South African women from various community settings and(More)