Lesley Wilkes

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A research project examining the support needs of families caring for a relative in palliative care was conducted in New South Wales in 1997. Data were collected from 19 families and 10 specialist palliative care nurses from eight centres throughout New South Wales using audio-taped interviews. The findings show that information was one of the most(More)
AIM This study presents the findings a meta-ethnographic study reporting women's perceptions and experiences of traumatic birth. BACKGROUND Childbirth is viewed by many as a life transition that can bring a sense of accomplishment. However, for some women, birth is experienced as a traumatic event with a minority experiencing post-traumatic stress. A(More)
Providing a safe work environment where nurses can practice without fear or threat of aggression is acknowledged as a critical global issue for healthcare organizations. Although there has been growing recognition that workplace bullying is one of the most concerning forms of aggression experienced by nurses, to date, there has been little progress in(More)
The importance of observing patient vital signs in emergency department (ED) practice has been stressed in the literature. Failure of clinicians to respond to abnormal vital signs (AVS) has been described as a potential reason for delayed management in ED practice, with a likelihood of increased morbidity. This study aimed to explore and describe(More)
AIMS This paper reports phase one of a two-part study in a New South Wales area health service, which aimed to evaluate the grading system for clinical nurse consultants. BACKGROUND Since its inception in 1986, the role and scope of practice of clinical nurse consultants in New South Wales has been viewed with differing expectations leading to role(More)
The recent wave of immigrants to Australia includes people from countries where female genital mutilation (FGM) is predominant. FGM is the terminology used by the World Health Organisation to describe all procedures involving partial or total removal of female external genitalia. A review of the literature has found that FGM still exists and the influx of(More)
AIM This qualitative study aimed to explore and describes clients' experiences of receiving care from community nurses. BACKGROUND Understanding of the experiences of clients with chronic and complex conditions receiving community nursing care can provide insight into their needs. International studies have identified experiences clients have had of(More)
This study aimed to judge the appropriateness of a particular nurse researcher's actions in a vignette from the clinical field, and to explore frameworks used to determine the appropriateness of actions. Twelve experienced nurse researchers were interviewed by telephone. They were given four vignettes of actual research situations and asked to comment and(More)
Lesbian mothers share mainstream existence with other mothers by virtue of their motherhood, but remain marginalised by their non-heterosexual identity. This paper will draw on the qualitative findings of a recent Australian study that examined the experiences of lesbian mothers. Using a story-sharing method, data were collected using three methods; a(More)
This paper aims to report lifestyle factors of Asian Indians in Australia in relation to coronary heart disease. This issue has not been previously explored in the Australian context. This study also seeks to identify factors that could inform health education and rehabilitation programs for migrant Asian Indians in Australia. The qualitative descriptive(More)