Lesley Treleaven

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The potential of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) to enable new forms of social interaction and foster democratisation of decision making has raised much interest but has been challenged by contradictory research results. Conceived as a tool, CMC was examined in terms of its social effects thus indicating a degree of technological determinism. In this(More)
Finding a suitable mentor is crucial to the success of mentoring relationships. In the mentoring literature, however, there is conflicting evidence about the best ways to support the pairing process in organisational mentoring programs. This paper presents a detailed analysis of the pairing process in an academic mentoring program that has implications for(More)
Email and other forms of electronic communication have assumed a significant role in the communication processes of organisations. Yet despite increased efficiency in the communication process, miscommunication still abounds. In this paper the sensemaking model of knowledge in organisations is used to analyse communications and miscommunications experienced(More)
A critical perspective on the corporate landscape, especially corporate social responsibility, can arguably shed light on the increasing tensions between different corporate stakeholders. For stakeholders in a corporation are now commonly taken to include, not only investors, but also customers, employees, business suppliers and the local community. The(More)
Academic dishonesty is widely acknowledged in universities as a worsening trend, attributed to an expansion of the internet (Underwood & Szabo, 2003), increased class sizes and decreased personal contact, more reliance on the international student market (Ashworth, Bannister & Thorne, 1997), greater student diversity (Lambert, Ellen & Taylor, 2006), higher(More)
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