Lesley Treleaven

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The potential of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) to enable new forms of social interaction and foster democratisation of decision making has raised much interest but has been challenged by contradictory research results. Conceived as a tool, CMC was examined in terms of its social effects thus indicating a degree of technological determinism. In this(More)
The authors participated in a comprehensive university restructuring process that, amongst other major changes, included new College and School structures. Based on the policy proposed at university level, academics were invited to engage in collaborative processes to form new Schools across what were formerly three members of the one network university. In(More)
A critical perspective on the corporate landscape, especially corporate social responsibility, can arguably shed light on the increasing tensions between different corporate stakeholders. For stakeholders in a corporation are now commonly taken to include, not only investors, but also customers, employees, business suppliers and the local community. The(More)
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