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Three new species of Strongyloidea: Cloacininae Stossich, 1899 are described and figured. Labiostrongylus novaeguineae n.sp. from Dendrolagus sp. is distinguished chiefly by the shape of lips and spicule length. L. redmondi n.sp. from Dorcopsis veterum Lesson, 1827 differs in shape of lips, similarity of lateral and submedian lips, and the proportions of(More)
One cestode and 3 species of nematodes are recorded from Pseudohydromys murinus and Pseudohydromys occidentalis (Muridae: Hydromyinae), from Papua New Guinea, for the first time. Heterakis fieldingi (Ascaridida: Heterakidea) has previously been known from Australia. Odilia sp. resembles Odilia praeputialis in the orientation of the synlophe and the number(More)
Plagiorhynchus (Prosthorhynchus) cylindraceus (Goeze, 1782) Schmidt and Kuntz, 1966, usually parasitic in passerine birds, is here reported to be found encysted in the peritoneum of the bandicoot Isoodon obesulus from Tasmania. Specimens recovered from the bandicoot Perameles gunnii, also collected from Tasmania, are the first reported from the intestine of(More)
In a survey of 118 eels Anguilla bicolor, A. marmorata and A. mossambica, (Anguillidae) indigenous to Reunion Island in the Mascarene island group, western Indian Ocean, a new species of acanthocephalan, Acanthocepholus reunionensis n. sp., was found. With a proboscis hook formula of 19 rows of 4-5 hooks, and elongated cement glands arranged in three pairs,(More)
Linstowinema edmondsi (Echinonematinae) from Dasyurus hallucatus (Dasyuridae) is redescribed. It can be differentiated from all species of Linstowinema occurring in bandicoots (Peramelidae) in having the first row of cephalic hooks as long as or longer than the second row. L. gracile n. sp. is described from Phascogale tapoatafa and Dasycercus cristicauda,(More)
Pieces of cestode, not indentified further, and 12 species of nematode including 1 new genus, 3 new species and 7 putative new species from the Families Chabertiidae and Heligmonellidae were collected from the digestive tracts of 16 Pogonomys loriae and 19 P. macrurous (Murinae: Hydromyini) from Papua, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The chabertiid(More)
Helminths, 3 cestode and 8 nematode species, including 2 new genera, 5 new species, and 1 putative new species, of nematode were collected from the digestive tracts of 23 Lorentzimys nouhuysi (Murinae; Hydromyini) from Papua New Guinea. Odilia wauensis n. sp. (Heligmonellidae) most closely resembles Odilia mallomyos Hasegawa and Syafruddin, 1994, but(More)
Corynosoma stanleyi n. sp. from Hydromys chrysogaster Geoffroy, 1804, in coastal Tasmania and Victoria, Australia, is described. It differs from other Corynosoma spp. chiefly in the size of proboscis hooks, arrangement of spines over the body surface and spination around the genital aperture. C. australe (Johnston, 1937) is redescribed. Corynosoma sp. is(More)
Nematodes, comprising 2 species, a new genus from the family Syphaciidae and a new species from the family Trichuridae were collected from the lower digestive tracts of 4 species of Pogonomys; P. championi, Flannery (12 individuals), P. loriae, Thomas (14 individuals), P. macrourus, (Milne Edwards) (19 individuals) and P. sylvestris, Thomas (27 individuals)(More)