Lesley R Smales

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The following Acanthocephala, all Echinorhynchidae, were found on examination of 229 amphibians and 191 reptiles collected in the Eastern Arc Range, Tanzania: Acanthocephalus bufonis from the frogs Arthroleptis stenodactylus and Arthroleptides martiensseni, the toad Nectophnyroides viviparous, and the chameleon Rhampholeon brevicaudatus;(More)
Isthmosacanthus fitzroyensis n. g., n. sp. is described from two species of protandrous fish, Eleutheronema tetradactylum (Shaw) and Polydactylus macrochir (Günther), from the waters around the coast of northern Australian. The new species can be distinguished from all others by the following combination of characters: proboscis shape and armature (22 rows(More)
During a survey of freshwater fishes from Turkey two species of Acanthocephala, one of them new, were found. Pomphorhynchus tereticollis (Pomphorhynchidae) is reported at 24% prevalence in 37 Cobitis bilseli (Cobitidae) from Lake Beysehir, Konya, for the first time. The eoacanthoacaphalan Triaspiron aphanii gen. n. et sp. n. (Quadrigyridae), at a prevalence(More)
Economically important sparid fish species, gilthead (Sparus aurata) and white seabream (Diplodus sargus) (Sparidae) are frequently parasitised by diplectanid monogeneans, known to induce severe losses in farming conditions. We have analysed population dynamic of two diplectanid species, Lamellodiscus echeneis and Lamellodiscus ignoratus (Monogenea:(More)
Centrorhynchus sarehae n. sp. is described from the lizard buzzard Kaupifalco monogrammicus (Temminik) in Louis Trichardt City, Limpopo Province, South Africa. The new species can be distinguished from all other species of Centrorhynchus Lühe, 1911 except C. gendrei (Golvan, 1957) and C. mariauxi Smales, 2011 in having a dilated region in the posterior(More)
Eight species of heligmonellid nematodes including five new species and a putative new species were identified from the digestive tracts of 12 Pogonomys championi Flannery and 27 P. sylvestris Thomas (Murinae: Hydromyini) from Papua Indonesia. Hasanuddinia pogonomyos Smales, 2014 had been previously described from P. loriae Thomas and P. macrourus(More)
Seven of the eleven species of Siganus Richardson (Siganidae) collected off the coasts of Australia, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Palau were infected with species of Sclerocollum Schmidt & Paperna, 1978 (Acanthocephala: Cavisomidae). A Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and a Discriminant Analysis were performed on a morphometric dataset of specimens(More)
Two new species of nematodes (Chabertiidae: Labiostrongylinea) from Dorcopsis muelleri in Raja Ampat Island, Papua, were described and figured. Dorcopsinema longispicularis sp.nov.is most similar to D. simile, but can be distinguished from it in being a smaller worm with longer spicules and a relatively longer oesophagus, as well as in the form of the(More)
Species of Rhadinorhynchus, collected from Australian waters were examined. Specimens of Rhadinorhynchus from Scorpis aequipinnis, Girella tricuspidata, Johnius australis and Grammatobothus polyophthalmus could not be identified further. New host and locality records are reported for R. bicircumspinus found in Trachurus declivis and Rexea solandri from the(More)