Lesley Pek Wee Land

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ÐSoftware engineers use a number of different types of software development technical review (SDTR) for the purpose of detecting defects in software products. This paper applies the behavioral theory of group performance to explain the outcomes of software reviews. A program of empirical research is developed, including propositions to both explain review(More)
It is widely accepted that software development technical reviews (SDTRs) are a useful technique for fmding defects in software products. Recent dcbntcs centre around the need for review meetings (Porter and Votta 1994, Porter et al 1995, McCarthy et al 1996, Lanubile and Visaggio 1996). This paper prcscnts the findings of an experiment that was conducted(More)
E-Health systems include applications of information communication technologies to promote healthcare services support, delivery and education. The success of an E-Health system is very much dependent on the success of EHR systems, as EHR forms the core of any E-Health system. Readiness assessment has been identified as an essential requirement for the(More)
It is hard to imagine a world without mobile phones, PDAs, and wireless/Broadband access on PCs. With the prevalence of electronic communication tools, people (including students) are finding it harder to live without them. Not surprisingly, these electronic communication tools provide benefits that enrich students’ scholarly and social experiences.(More)
End-user training (EUT) does not deliver the expected value to the organisations when end users do not transfer the skills learned to their workplace. Training effectiveness occurs when end users not only have the ability but are willing to transfer the skill learned to improve their job. This study proposes a model of EUT effectiveness which explicitly(More)
Research in the adoption of mobile banking (m-banking) has not offered a comprehensive explanation of low demand for the service. This paper proposes a theoretical model to account for the explanations of the consumer’s choice whether to adopt m-banking or not. The model underlies the cognitive processes of reasoning, referencing and contextualising, as(More)