Lesley J. Goodman

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Cobalt iontophoresis of the median and lateral ocellar nerves of Schistocerca gregaria, combined with silver impregnated sections of the brain, has demonstrated the projection areas of the large and medium-sized ocellar afferent neurons. These neurons terminate within the brain and their cell bodies lie within the protocerebrum. Ocellar neurons project to(More)
The central projections of the lateral ocellar neurons of the dragonfly were examined using whole nerve cobalt iontophoresis, supplemented by sectioning of the nerve and brain for inspection in the light and electron microscopes. At E.M. level the presence of cobalt in filled axon profiles and cell bodies was confirmed by analysis of X-ray energy spectra in(More)
The ultrastructure of the sensory receptors located on the labium of the rice brown planthopper is described; possible functions of individual receptors are suggested on morphological grounds. Uniporous chemosensilla which may or may not possess a mechanoreceptive dendrite, domed multiporous chemosensilla, and mechanoreceptive pegs are present on the(More)
1. Intracellular recordings have been made from identified ocellar L neurons within the brain of the beeApis mellifera. The main features of these cells are an input arborization in the ocellar cup, an axonal segment, and an output arborization in the posterior slope neuropile. Light stimulation of the ocelli results in a transient graded hyperpolarisation(More)
1. The relative spectral sensitivities of identified large second order neurons (L neurons) of the dragonfly ocellus have been examined with dye filled intracellular microelectrodes placed in the brain. 2. Representative L neurons of the four geometric classes present in the median ocellar nerve show essentially similar waveforms in response to white, green(More)
During a recent clinical trial of ciprofloxacin in the therapy of acute diarrhea, two subjects infected with Campylobacter jejuni who received ciprofloxacin failed microbiologically and one also failed clinically. Although both pretreatment isolates were susceptible to ciprofloxacin, the posttreatment isolates were resistant to ciprofloxacin (MIC = 32(More)
The projections of ocellar fibres within the brain and thorax of the honey bee, Apis mellifera, were established using a modified cobalt sulphide technique, supplemented by serial sectioning of the brain for the light microscope. The results are: 5 large fibres in each lateral nerve and 12 in the median nerve have wide-field terminal arborisations in(More)
Locust ocellar retinal cells are innervated by giant second order cells, 2 mm long, which show discrete zones of integration along their course, including a major zone in the axonal length of the neuron. The complex synaptic arrangements which exist between higher-order afferent and efferent cells and these second order cells along their course suggests(More)
From June 1985 to September 1987, 202 adults were enrolled in a randomized, double-blinded study comparing ciprofloxacin (500 mg) with sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim (160 mg/800 mg) or placebo for adults with acute diarrhea. All patients were treated on the day of presentation and received medication on a twice-daily schedule (every 12 hours) for 5 days.(More)