Lesley Flanigan

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OBJECTIVE The authors investigated risk factors for failure after portoenterostomy for biliary atresia using univariate and multivariable methods. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Kasai's portoenterostomy has gained worldwide acceptance as the initial surgical therapy for infants with biliary atresia. Although extended survival has been achieved for many patients,(More)
Cloacal exstrophy, centered on the maldevelopment of the primitive streak mesoderm and cloacal membrane, results in bladder and intestinal exstrophy, omphalocele, gender confusion, and hindgut deformity. The surgical management and outcome of 10 of 14 survivors (1965 to 1988) are described. Genotypic males (6) were assigned male (2) or female (4) phenotype.(More)
Plink Jet is a robotic musical instrument made from scavenged inkjet printers and guitar parts. We investigate the expressive capabilities of everyday machine technology by recontextualizing the relatively high-tech mechanisms of typical office debris into an electro-acoustic musical instrument. We also explore the performative relationship between human(More)
Bioluminescence is a two-person improvised performance to be considered for either concert or club performance. The performance is improvised and of variable length, and consists of a vocalist (Lesley Flanigan) and a laptop performer (R. Luke DuBois). All the material generated from the laptop is taken from the vocalist during that performance (no(More)
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