Lesley Flanigan

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PURPOSE Button gastrostomy (BG) insertion has been a secondary procedure after initial open Stamm or percutaneous endoscopic tube gastrostomy. Previous attempts at primary open BG have been limited by the difficulty in bringing the BG "wings" through the abdominal wall. We employed an innovative technique for primary BG, which eliminates many of the(More)
Extensive radiographic evaluation of children with recurrent abdominal pain (RAP) is rarely diagnostic or cost-effective. The authors sought to define the role of laparoscopy in the evaluation of children with RAP. Fifteen children underwent laparoscopy for RAP in a 2-year period. Their mean age was 12 years (range, 6 to 16 years), 13 (87%) were female, and(More)
Children with previous abdominal surgery have not been optimal candidates for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) insertion due to the possibility of inadvertant injury to adjacent structures. Using laparoscopic guidance we successfully inserted a primary PEG button in two children who had multiple previous abdominal procedures.
Plink Jet is a robotic musical instrument made from scavenged inkjet printers and guitar parts. We investigate the expressive capabilities of everyday machine technology by recontextualizing the relatively high-tech mechanisms of typical office debris into an electro-acoustic musical instrument. We also explore the performative relationship between human(More)
Bioluminescence is a two-person improvised performance to be considered for either concert or club performance. The performance is improvised and of variable length, and consists of a vocalist (Lesley Flanigan) and a laptop performer (R. Luke DuBois). All the material generated from the laptop is taken from the vocalist during that performance (no(More)
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