Lesley Chivers

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BACKGROUND Experts call for stronger safety cultures and transparent reporting practices to increase medication safety in today's strained healthcare environments. The field of ecological restoration is concerned with the effective, efficient, and sustainable repair and recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded, damaged, or destroyed. A study was(More)
The cytosol from lactating-rabbit mammary gland contains a medium-chain acyl-thioester hydrolase. This hydrolase terminates chain lengthening of the fatty acids synthesised by fatty acid synthetase so as to release C8:0 and C10:0 fatty acids which are characteristic of rabbit milk. The medium-chain hydrolase and the fatty acid synthetase present in this(More)
Women should consult their GP On balance, it would be a good idea to make emergency contraception prescription-only again. A woman would then have to consult with her GP before obtaining this medication. Long-term, regular use of emergency contraception can increase the possibility of health problems going unnoticed. It is also possible that many young(More)