Lesley Chiou

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This is the results page from a search for " Doubletree San Diego " in Google. The paid search ads appear in the sponsored results sections at on the right side of the page. The main organic or non-sponsored or results appear separately. Introduction The use of trademarks in internet advertising is a controversial question. The Internet in particular has(More)
This paper explores how restricting pharmaceutical search advertising affects the types of information that consumers seek online about drugs. We examine how consumer search patterns changed after the FDA issued warnings to pharmaceutical companies , prohibiting their use of Internet search ads. Our results suggest that, after the reduction in(More)
The digitization of content has led to the emergence of platforms that draw information from multiple sources. Policymakers are concerned that these new platforms threaten incentives for the production of original content. As a result, policymakers are contemplating regulations that would force aggregation platforms to pay or require an explicit " opt-in "(More)
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