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This is the results page from a search for " Doubletree San Diego " in Google. The paid search ads appear in the sponsored results sections at on the right side of the page. The main organic or non-sponsored or results appear separately. Introduction The use of trademarks in internet advertising is a controversial question. The Internet in particular has(More)
I am particularly grateful to Alexander and Associates for allowing me access to the data used in this study; I would also like to extend my thanks to Adams Media Research and Tax Data Systems. Financial support for this project was provided by the Shultz Fund. Preliminary draft. Please do not quote. Comments are welcome. Abstract This paper quantifies the(More)
Given the preponderance of free content on the Internet, news media organizations face new challenges over how to manage access to and the pricing of their content. It is unclear whether content should be free or whether customers should pay via a ''paywall.'' We use experimental variation from a media publisher's field test of paywalls to examine demand(More)
All rights reserved. Short sections of text, not to exceed two paragraphs, may be quoted without explicit permission, provided that full credit including © notice is given to the source. Abstract This paper investigates whether larger quantities of historical data confer a competitive advantage to firms that offer Internet search. We study how the length of(More)
The digitization of content has led to the growth of platforms that draw news and information from multiple sources. Policy makers are concerned that these new platforms threaten incentives for the production of original content. As a result, pol-icymakers in Europe are contemplating regulations that would force such aggregators to pay each time they(More)
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