Lesley B Milgrom

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BACKGROUND Acute pain is common after cardiac surgery and can keep patients from participating in activities that prevent postoperative complications. Accurate assessment and understanding of pain are vital for providing satisfactory pain control and optimizing recovery. OBJECTIVES To describe pain levels for 5 activities expected of patients after(More)
BACKGROUND The model for management of patients with heart failure may be a key determinant of morbidity and quality of life. Development of a better management strategy for these patients requires determination of the reasons for decompensation that leads to hospitalization. OBJECTIVES To ascertain and rank the principal reasons for hospitalization of(More)
BACKGROUND Sodium retention is often a precursor to hospitalization in people with heart failure (HF). Lack of compliance with medications and with dietary sodium restrictions affects sodium retention. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability and validity of the Beliefs about Medication Compliance Scale and the Beliefs about(More)
Historically, the majority of nurses have been employed by hospitals. However, the changing landscape of health care has seen a shift to other areas of practice. Nursing graduates must be prepared to work collaboratively with a shared vision that is patientcentered and team-oriented. To better prepare students for collaborative practice, a School of Nursing(More)
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