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OBJECTIVE To clarify what issues are important to stroke patients and their carers. To determine whether these issues change over time. DESIGN Prospective study of consecutive patients admitted to hospital with a diagnosis of an acute stroke. Each participant had interviews at six and 24 months. In addition, a subgroup of these patients (consecutive(More)
The development of new methods of nuclear transfer in mammals is creating many new opportunities in research, medicine and agriculture. The method of cloning is repeatable and has been established in many laboratories worldwide. However, the present procedure is inefficient with fewer than 4% of embryos becoming viable offspring. A considerable improvement(More)
The molecular mechanisms underlying oocyte maturation in the annelid polychaetes Arenicola marina and Arenicola defodiens were investigated. In both species, a hitherto unidentified hormone triggers synchronous and rapid transition from prophase to metaphase, a maturation process which can be easily reproduced in vitro. Activation of a roscovitine- and(More)
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