Lesley A Page

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Hereditary familial amyloidosis of Finnish type (FAF) leading to amyloid in the peripheral and central nervous systems stems from deposition of a 71 residue fragment generated from the D187N/Y variants of plasma gelsolin by two sequential endoproteolytic events. We identify the protease accomplishing the first cleavage as furin, a proprotein convertase.(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of planned home births attended by registered midwives have been limited by incomplete data, nonrepresentative sampling, inadequate statistical power and the inability to exclude unplanned home births. We compared the outcomes of planned home births attended by midwives with those of planned hospital births attended by midwives or(More)
BACKGROUND Hypochondriasis is associated with significant medical morbidity and high health resource use. Recent studies have examined the treatment of hypochondriasis using various forms of psychotherapy. OBJECTIVES To examine the effectiveness and comparative effectiveness of any form of psychotherapy for the treatment of hypochondriasis. SEARCH(More)
Isolated first-degree hypospadias in three generations of one family and in two generations of two families is reported and the literature reviewed. Pedigree information suggests autosomal-dominant, sex-limited inheritance in these cases although other inheritance patterns are possible. Mendelian transmission of hypospadias may be more frequent than(More)
A report in 2007 to the UK Government identified a crisis in England for training staff and students for the radiotherapy treatment of cancer. The Hull authors have developed an immersive life size virtual environment of a radiotherapy treatment room, known as VERT, to address this problem. VERT provides the trainee with models, simulation, enhanced(More)
OBJECTIVE to explore health-care professionals' views about safety in maternity services. This paper identifies aspects of care that are less safe than they should be, possible ways to improve safety, and potential obstacles to achieving these improvements. This study was part of the King's Fund inquiry into the safety of maternity services in England. (More)
An unusual epornitic of fatal chlamydiosis occurred in a flock of 10,283 domestic turkeys in South Carolina. Total mortality over a 2-week period was 483 birds (4.7% of the flock). The principal gross lesion was severe pericarditis, but there was little or no airsacculitis, an observation at variance with many previous reports of chlamydiosis. Furthermore,(More)
Climate change will shortly be assuming centre stage when Copenhagen hosts the United Nations Climate Change Conference in early December 2009. In Copenhagen, delegates will discuss the international response to climate change (i.e. the ongoing increase in the Earth's average surface temperature) and the meeting is widely viewed as the most important of its(More)