Lesley A Ballantyne

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The Luciolinae firefly genus Pyrophanes is redescribed and a key is provided for 7 species, viz. appendiculata Olivier, beccarii Olivier, quadrimaculata Olivier, semilimbata (Olivier) and similis Olivier, with Py. elongata Ballantyne sp. nov. and Py. similisimma Ballantyne sp. nov. described as new. Macropterous females associated for several species have 2(More)
A new species of aquatic firefly belonging to Luciola Laporte is described and illustrated based on external morphology of both males and females, and the genitalia of males. Luciola aquatilis sp. nov., a common firefly in Thailand was formerly commonly misidentified as Luciola brahmina Bourgeois. Other Luciola species that resemble L. aquatilis are(More)
This revision completes a taxonomic survey of fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) in the area encompassed by Australia, the Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (West Irian/Papua), Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji. It finalises the taxonomic issues arising from the 1969–70 voyage of the scientific(More)
Sclerotia Ballantyne gen. nov. is established for seven species. Sclerotia aquatilis (Thancharoen, 2007), Scl. brahmina (Bourgeois, 1890), Scl. carinata (Gorham, 1880), Scl. flavida (Hope, 1845), Scl. seriata (Olivier, 1891), and Scl. substriata (Gorham, 1880) are transferred from Luciola Laporte. Sclerotia fui sp. nov. from China is described as new.(More)
Abscondita, a new genus of fireflies from South-east Asia, is described from males and females of Abs. anceyi (Olivier 1883), Abs. cerata (Olivier 1911), Abs. chinensis (L. 1767), Abs. perplexa (Walker 1858), Abs. promelaena (Walker 1858) and Abs. terminalis (Olivier 1883), all transferred from Luciola Laporte. Both L. dubia Olivier 1903 and L. dejeani(More)
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