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The degree to which physical defence mechanisms are present in toxic species of Gastrolobium was compared with the known fluoroacetate (the toxic principle) concentrations of these plants using both histological leaf sections prepared from fresh leaves (4 species), and a variety of visual external traits measured from herbarium specimens (28 species). There(More)
The Random Shortest Path Problem with the second moment criterion is discussed in this paper. After the formulation of the problem, exact algorithms, based on general concepts for solving the Multi-objective Shortest Path Problem, are described. Next, several approximate algorithms are proposed. It is shown that the complexity of the exact algorithms is(More)
The problem of the stabilizability of stochastic linear and bilinear hybrid systems is considered. Construction methods of stabilizing control signals for a class of linear and bilinear systems are derived. Also, the possibility of stabilizing of unstable dynamic systems with the hybrid control signal given in the form of a signal switching is discussed.(More)
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