Les Humphreys

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Prenatal diagnosis (PND) is offered routinely as part of pregnancy care to a large number of women at increased risk of fetal anomalies. Despite an extraordinary growth in the use of PND and significant resource allocation, few studies have examined outcomes of PND counseling, and virtually no research has evaluated the relative efficacy of various(More)
This study examined the demand for breast cancer genetic testing and counseling among Canadian women diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 50, together with some of the factors predicting both their intentions to be tested and the degree to which they act on their intentions. Participants were 110 women under the age of 50 and comprised of two(More)
Adolescent daughters of women with breast cancer (BC) are themselves at risk for heritable BC. Although some preliminary evidence suggests this group is at an increased risk for emotional problems, evidence is limited to studies with small samples and no comparison groups. This study examined psychological and family functioning, health attitudes and(More)
In a recent colon cancer risk study, genetic assessment and colonoscopy were offered to virtually all of the adult Ashkenazi Jews in an urban community. The present study was designed to examine factors influencing participation and response in the initial study and to suggest strategies for improving participation in future health promotion programs. The(More)
The era of synthetic biology heralds in a new, more "green" approach to fine chemical and pharmaceutical drug production. It takes the knowledge of natural metabolic pathways and builds new routes to chemicals, enables nonnatural chemical production, and/or allows the rapid production of chemicals in alternative, highly performing organisms. This route is(More)
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