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A substantial part of the operating costs of public transport is attributable to drivers, whose efficient use therefore is important. The compilation of optimal work packages is difficult, being NP-hard. In practice, algorithmic advances and enhanced computing power have led to significant progress in achieving better schedules. However, differences in(More)
The framework for sensitivity analysis in discrete multi-criteria decision analysis developed by Rios Insua and French allows simultaneous variation of all parameters and applies to many paradigms for decision analysis. However its computational load may inhibit use, particularly in the context of a decision conference where results are required in near(More)
We describe a design problem arising in the colour printing industry and discuss a number of integer linear programming and constraint programming approaches to its solution. Despite the apparent simplicity of the problem it presents a challenge for both approaches. We present results for three typical cases and show that the constraint programming approach(More)
TRACS is an established driver scheduling system [2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9]. Its variant BusTRACS is being used by 29 bus companies, and TrainTRACS is being used by the train operator ScotRail. TrainTRACS has also been used in scheduling projects for several other train operators. As the transport operators start using the system, difficult problem issues arising(More)