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The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of Finnish sauna bathing on a white blood cell profile, cortisol levels and selected physiological indices in athletes and non-athletes. The study evaluated 9 trained middle-distance runners and 9 male non-athletes. The subjects from both groups participated in 15-minute sauna sessions until their(More)
Lower urinary tract symptoms in men are associated usually with the presence of bladder outlet obstruction, especially with benign prostatic hyperplasia. We present a case of a patient whose cause of urinary frequency, difficulty in starting micturition and feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder was ureterocele, causing symptoms of bladder outlet(More)
The disturbed balance between production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) and efficiency of antioxydative systems leads to oxidative stress. This may be the cause of permanent biomolecules' damage. The results of many researches show dependence between disturbance in oxidative balance. And oxidative damage in prostate cells. However no clear(More)
Islet cell tumors make a serious therapeutic problem due to their specific clinical presentation and the necessity of applying a variety of multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The authors present their own algorithm for diagnosing and treatment of islet-cell tumors worked out basing on many-year experience.
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