Leos G. Kral

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Centromeric protein A (CENP-A) is the epigenetic determinant of centromeres. This protein has been shown to be adaptively evolving in a number of animal and plant species. In a previous communication we were able to demonstrate that signs of adaptive evolution were detected in the comparison of CENP-A sequences from three percid fish species. In this study(More)
Both centromeric alpha-satellite sequences as well as centromeric protein A (CENP-A) are highly variable in eukaryotes. CENP-A, a histone H3 variant, is thought to act as the epigenetic "mark" for assembly of centromeric proteins. While most of the histone fold domain (HFD) of the CENP-A is fairly well conserved, a portion of this HFD as well as the(More)
The centromeric protein CENP-C is a base component of the kinetochore. This protein, along with CENP-A has been shown to adaptively evolve in a number of animal and plant species. In order to determine if CENP-C also evolves in fish species, I attempted to retrieve fish CENP-C sequences from GenBank. No Teleostei CENP-C sequences were found either by name(More)
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