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Entry regulation as a barrier to entrepreneurship
Using a comprehensive database of European firms, we study the effect of market entry regulations on the creation of new limited-liability firms, the average size of entrants, and the growth ofExpand
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The Ability of Banks to Lend to Informationally Opaque Small Businesses
Consolidation of the banking industry is shifting assets into larger institutions that often operate in many nations. Large international financial institutions are geared toward serving largeExpand
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Corporate Valuation and the Resolution of Bank Insolvency in East Asia
We examine the valuation effect of a bank's insolvency on related industrial firms. Expand
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Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion: Measuring Use of and Demand for Formal Financial Services among Muslim Adults
Abstract In recent years, the Islamic finance industry has attracted the attention of policymakers and international donors as a possible channel through which to expand financial inclusion,Expand
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International differences in entrepreneurial finance
This note uses the standardized enterprise survey datasets to systematically study the use of different financing sources for young firms. The authors find that in all countries, younger firms relyExpand
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Further evidence on the link between finance and growth: an international analysis of community banking and economic performance
We try to contribute to both the finance-growth literature and the community banking literature by testing the effects of the relative health of community banks on economic growth, and investigatingExpand
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Financial Inclusion in the Europe and Central Asia Region: Recent Trends and a Research Agenda
Financial inclusion can help promote development. Inclusive financial systems allow people to invest in their education and health, save for retirement, capitalize on business opportunities, andExpand
Financial Literacy and the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Russia
The current financial crisis has generated interest in better understanding how to promote more responsible and prudent individual saving and borrowing behavior. The ability of consumers to makeExpand
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The impact of the business environment on the business creation process
New data from the 2008 World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Survey indicates a very strong and statistically significant relationship between entrepreneurship and a better business environment. Data forExpand
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Corporate governance provisions and firm ownership : Firm-level evidence from Eastern Europe
We study differences in the use of two corporate governance provisions e cumulative voting and proxy by mail voting e in a sample of about 220 firms located in four Eastern European countries. AfterExpand
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