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  • L J Catania
  • 1995
Inflammation is a fundamental defense mechanism that is of great significance for the practitioner attempting to diagnose and treat corneal disease. This discussion summarizes the cause, effects, and management of ocular inflammation, with emphasis on the ramifications for the cornea.
Raftery, Kárn`y, and Ettler (2010) introduce an estimation technique called Dynamic Model Averaging (DMA). In their application, DMA is used to the problem of predicting the output strip thickness for a cold rolling mill, where the output is measured with a time delay. Recently, DMA has also shown to be very useful in macroeconomic and financial(More)
  • L J Catania
  • 1991
Contact-lens-related corneal abrasions are a management problem for optometrists because of the risk of ulcerative keratitis, particularly from Pseudomonas. Risks and causes of abrasions should be identified for extended-wear patients, and appropriate steps should be taken to minimize the opportunity for injury. When an extended-wear patient presents with(More)
Signals coming from multivariate higher order conditional moments as well as the information contained in exogenous covariates, can be effectively exploited by rational investors to allocate their wealth among different risky investment opportunities. This paper proposes a new flexible dynamic copula model being able to explain and forecast the time–varying(More)
The primary care needs of the pediatric patient include the measurement of norms and deviations in the newborn (neonate) and subsequently, developmental milestones. Considerations of such norms and deviations must include familial and hereditary implications, systemic conditions and general health status. Deviations from the expected norms in the newborn(More)