Leopold Wagner

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Microstructural properties of wood vary considerably within a tree. Knowledge of these properties and a better understanding of their relationship to the macroscopic mechanical performance of wood are crucial to optimize the yield and economic value of forest stocks. This holds particularly for the end-use requirements in engineering applications. In this(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the prophylactic potential of 3 orthodontic bonding adhesives: Fuji Ortho SC, Illuminate, and Resilience. METHODS Thirty-six Wistar Wag rats were randomly divided into 4 groups consisting of 9 rats each. One of the groups received no treatment and was used as a control. In the other groups, individual bands coated with one of the 3(More)
AIM The aim of this investigation is to evaluate the allergic potential of titanium and titanium alloys for surgical implant applications. MATERIALS AND METHODS Discs cut from rods supplied by five different titanium suppliers in several diameters were investigated. The samples were cp-Titanium as well as Ti6Al4 V and Ti6Al7Nb, 6 mm thick with a diameter(More)
A new noncatheter method for measuring pressures of the right side of the heart uses specially manufactured microbubbles of carbon dioxide injected into the peripheral venous system. Sudden expansion of these bubbles in the cardiac chambers causes bubble oscillations at a frequency that is primarily a function of surrounding pressure. The oscillations are(More)
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