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Recent meta-analyses on melatonin has raised doubts as to whether melatonin is effective in treating sleep problems in people without intellectual disabilities. This is in contrast to results of several trials on melatonin in treating sleep problems in individuals with intellectual disabilities. To investigate the efficacy of melatonin in treating sleep(More)
OBJECTIVE Compare behavioral and emotional problems of children and adolescents with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) and clients consulting mental health centers (MHC) and related behavioral and emotional problems to the children's personality in the PWS group. METHODS Participants were 39 children with PWS and 585 matched MHC clients. Child Behavior(More)
Sleeping problems are common among developmentally disabled children of young age and they may have adverse effects on the well-being of both child and parents. In the present study, results from functional assessment with four children suggested that sleeping problems were reinforced by parental attention whilst an undiagnosed seizure disorder was(More)
We have used a novel neurophysiological technique in the NeuroScope system in combination with conventional electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor both brainstem and cortical activity simultaneously in real-time in a girl with Rett syndrome. The presenting clinical features in our patient were severe sleep disturbances, irregular breathing in the awake(More)
In the present study we assessed the forms and functions of prelinguistic communicative behaviors for 120 children and adults with Rett syndrome using the Inventory of Potential Communicative Acts (IPCA) (Sigafoos et al. Communication Disorders Quarterly 21:77–86, 2000a). Informants completed the IPCA and the results were analysed to provide a systematic(More)
The developmental and clinical aspects in the literature on triple X syndrome are reviewed. Prenatal diagnosis depends on karyotyping. The incidence is 1 of 1000 females. At birth, 47,XXX girls have a lower mean birth weight and a smaller head circumference. Triple X diagnosis was not suspected at birth. The maternal age seems to be increased. Toddlers with(More)
The personality profiles for youths with Prader-Willi, fragile-X, or Williams syndrome were compared to three matched groups attending regular schools. Using the California Child Q-Set (CCQ), both of the parents of the 39 children with Prader-Willi syndrome, 32 boys with fragile-X syndrome, 28 children with Williams syndrome, and children in the comparison(More)
UNLABELLED Pain is often undetected in older people with dementia partly due to a deterioration of cognitive functioning. Observational scales enable the measurement of pain by registering physiological changes, facial expressions, or behaviors. Previous research showed that the Pain Assessment Checklist for Seniors with Limited Ability to Communicate(More)