Leontios Stampoulidis

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In this paper we present the Efficient Burst Reservation Protocol (EBRP) suitable for bufferless Optical Burst Switching networks. The EBRP protocol is a two-way reservation scheme that employs timed and in-advance reservation of resources. In the EBRP protocol timed reservations are relaxed, introducing a reservation time duration parameter that is(More)
We demonstrate a 40 Gb/s self-synchronizing, all-optical packet clock recovery circuit designed for efficient packet-mode traffic. The circuit locks instantaneously and enables sub-nanosecond packet spacing due to thelow clock persistence time. A low-Q Fabry-Perot filter is used as a passive resonator tuned to the line-rate that generates a retimed(More)
—This paper presents an experimental performance characterization of all-optical subsystems at 40 Gb/s using interconnected hybrid integrated all-optical semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) Mach–Zehnder interferometer (MZI) gates and flip-flop prototypes. It was shown that optical gates can be treated as generic switching elements and, when efficiently(More)
—We present recent advances in photonic integration introduced by integration-related European research project IST-MUFINS. The contribution of the project in the progress of a functional photonic integration is outlined, from device fabrication to device application focusing on photonic routing using mul-tielement photonic chips. Specifically, we report on(More)
—The objective of this research is to propose two new optical procedures for packet routing and forwarding in the framework of transparent optical networks. The single-wavelength label-recognition and packet-forwarding unit, which represents the central physical constituent of the switching node, is fully described in both cases. The first architecture is a(More)
We demonstrate an all-optical circuit capable of generating 40-GHz control signals from flag pulses that can be used to define the switching state of all-optical gates for use with optical packets. The circuit comprises a Fabry-Perot filter and a semiconductor optical amplifier, and with a single pulse it can generate 12 control pulses with 0.64-dB(More)
—We present a new scheme for all-optical contention detection and time-domain contention resolution of optical packets in label-switched routers that employ all-optical label recognition. The contention detection subsystem provides all the necessary control signals required to drive an optically controlled buffer which employs 1 2 optical switching elements(More)
The introduction of advanced optical modulation formats for coherent data transmission and multilevel signalling enlarges the transmission capacities but also requires more complex opto-electronic components. The need for cost efficient compact solutions is the main driver for photonic-electronic integration technologies. In the framework of the European(More)