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A series of 94 central venous catheters was observed at removal for gross evidence of intraluminal or surface thrombus deposition. All those that were later found to have positive cultures had been noted to display thrombus formation, while catheters having negative cultures were usually free of thrombus. Devices made of a relatively nonthrombogenic(More)
A patient with biopsy-proven Alexander disease presented with progressive head enlargement and clinical evidence of increased intracranial pressure. Lumbar puncture under sedation confirmed increased intracranial pressure with otherwise normal cerebrospinal fluid values. The association of megalencephaly, increased intracranial pressure and neuroimaging(More)
Dear Editor, Hereditary hemochromatosis (HH) is a common hereditary disorder in populations of European descent, characterized by iron overload and a variety of clinical manifestations such as liver cirrhosis and arthropathy. Most patients are homozygous for the C282Y mutation, 5–7% are compound heterozygous for the C282Y allele and an H63D mutation, and(More)
INTRODUCTION In the management of mitochondrial diseases, it is most important to know what mitochondrias are, how they function and the pattern of inheritance present on the different conditions affecting them. DEVELOPMENT An overview of mitochondrial function, inheritance, clinical and biochemical classification is done, reviewing the different fatty(More)
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