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The redox properties of iron make this metal a key participant in oxygen-mediated toxicity. Accordingly, L5178Y (LY) mouse lymphoma cell lines, which display a unique inverse cross-sensitivity to ionizing radiation (IR) and hydrogen per-oxide (H 2 O 2), are a suitable model for the study of possible differences in the consti-tutive control of intracellular(More)
The large terminase subunit is a central component of the genome packaging motor from tailed bacteriophages and herpes viruses. This two-domain enzyme has an N-terminal ATPase activity that fuels DNA translocation during packaging and a C-terminal nuclease activity required for initiation and termination of the packaging cycle. Here, we report that(More)
In many tailed bacteriophages, DNA packaging is initiated by recognition and cleavage of a specific sequence pac by the small (TerS) and large (TerL) terminase subunits. It was previously shown that the SPP1 pac region has two sequences where TerS binds (pacR and pacL), flanking the segment where TerL cleaves the SPP1 DNA (pacC). However, the pac-specific(More)
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