Leonor Galindo

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Even though comprehension of human physiology is crucial in the clinical setting, students frequently learn part of this subject using rote memory and then are unable to transfer knowledge to other contexts or to solve clinical problems. This study evaluated the impact of articulating the concept map strategy with the mediated learning experience on(More)
The year 1996 had a high pluviosity in Morrocoy National Park (western coastal zone, Venezuela) and low salinity in December 1996 affected the seagrass beds, dominated by Thalassia testudinum. Patches without T. testudinum were observed in localities of the park that used to have very dense populations of this plant. Sampling was done at Las Luisas to(More)
The reaction: Chlorophyll + Enzyme → Chlorophyllide + Phytol follows a first order kinetics with regard to the quantity of enzyme, when it is saturated by substrate. Km and Vm were determined from the average reaction rates for the substrates: Chlorophylla andb, pheophytina andb, methylchlorophyllidea and methylpheophorbide a: The lowest Km corresponded to(More)
Reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopies have shown great promise for early detection of epithelial dysplasia. We have developed a clinical reflectance spectrofluorimeter for multimodal spectroscopic diagnosis of epithelial dysplasia. This clinical instrument, the FastEEM, collects white light reflectance and fluorescence excitation-emission matrices(More)
One hundred and fifty male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into six groups: control, antrectomy, truncal vagotomy with pyloroplasty, intestinal resection, antrectomy with intestinal resection, and truncal vagotomy with pyloroplasty and intestinal resection. In the control group gastric acid secretion and plasma levels of gastrin were calculated. In the(More)