Leonid V. Kantorovich

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We develop an optimal transportation meshfree (OTM) method for simulating general solid and fluid flows, including fluid–structure interaction. The method combines concepts from optimal transportation theory with material-point sampling and max-ent meshfree interpolation. The proposed OTM method generalizes the Benamou–Brenier differential formulation of(More)
I. A Brief History of Optimization Research: The history of optimization of realvalued non-linear functions (including linear ones), unconstrained or constrained, goes back to Gottfried Leibniz, Isaac Newton, Leonhard Euler and Joseph Lagrange. However, those mathematicians often assumed differentiability of the optimand as well as constraint functions.(More)
G. E. Forsythe, who edited the translation of Kantorovich's paper, included the following remark about this footnote: "It is not clear to me that Kantorovich's inequality really is a special case of that of Polya and Szego." Examining the relation between the two inequalities more closely we found that this remark is well justified and can be made even more(More)
On the relation between the velocity coeecient and boundary value for solutions of the one-dimensional wave Given a bilinear form B(x; u) = x T Bu = u T B T x on IR n IR m , then where we are deening the bilinear forms A T 2 BA 1 (x 1 ; x 2) and A T 1 B T A 2 (x 2 ; x 1) in the obvious way. 33 plementing an adjoint approach in either case one will need to(More)
Kantorovich was born in the family of a venereologist at St. Petersburg on January 19, 1912 (January 6, according to the old Russian style). It is curious that many reference books give another date (which is three days before). Kantorovich kept explaining with a smile that he remembers himself from January 19, 1912. The boy’s talent was revealed very(More)
This is an overview of the life and scientific legacy of Leonid V. Kantorovich (1912--1986) who stood at the cradle of linear programming, vector lattices, and computational mathematics. Linear programming as well as mathematical economics belongs to or at least borders the realm of applied mathematics. The epithets “pure” and “applied” for mathematics have(More)
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