Leonid V. Ivanov

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Evidence suggests that immunological response in chronic inflammation is dynamic, oscillating between active immunity and tolerance. We hypothesized that a similar dynamic exists in melanoma and administration of therapy during a unique phase of such oscillation could impact clinical outcome. Patients with metastatic melanoma eligible to undergo(More)
Puumala virus (PUUV) and other Arvicolinae-borne hantaviruses are difficult to cultivate in cell culture. To isolate these hantaviruses efficiently, hantavirus nucleocapsid protein (NP)-positive but seronegative wild rodents were selected by NP-detection ELISA. Three of 68 Myodes glareolus captured in Samara, Russia, were NP-positive and seronegative.(More)
The distribution of blood groups of the ABO system is different in the rhesus-positive and rhesus-negative subpopulations. An increasing frequency of the phenotype A2 in the rhesus-negative subpopulation is observed. The calculation of the gene frequency reveals a deficiency of genes A1 and O, and the increasing frequency of genes A2 and B in the(More)
Skin cancer affects more individuals in the USA than any other malignancy and malignant melanoma is particularly deadly because of its metastatic potential. Melanoma has been recognized as one of the most immunogenic malignancies; therefore, understanding the mechanisms of tumor-immune interaction is key for developing more efficient treatments. As the(More)