Leonid S. Bershtein

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Graph theory has numerous application to problems in systems analysis, operations research, economics, and transportation. However, in many cases, some aspects of a graph-theoretic problem may be uncertain. For example, the vehicle travel time or vehicle capacity on a road network may not be known exactly. In such cases, it is natural to deal with the(More)
In this paper the questions of defining the optimum allocation of centers in fuzzy transportation networks are observed by the minimax criterion. It is supposed that the information received from the geographical information system is presented as a fuzzy graph. In this case the task of defining optimum allocation of the centers transforms into the task of(More)
In this paper, we present a clique-based method for mining fuzzy graph patterns of money laundering and financing terrorism. The method will contribute to a new generation of intelligent anti-money laundering systems that incorporate comprehensive information from various information sources as well as from human subject matter experts. A fuzzy degree of(More)
Practical tasks of map coloring in case of objects groups’ allocation, not connected by any binary relation, come to the problem of coloring of graph [1]. This task is closely connected to the calculation of internal stable sets of graphs, calculation of chromatic number and a chromatic class of the graph. Hypergraphs [2] are the generalization of graphs in(More)
In this paper the problem of optimal location of service centers is considered by minimax criterion. It is supposed that the information received from GIS is presented like graph with fuzzy intervals. The notion of fuzzy set of interval bases is considered. It is shown that the problem of service centers location is reduced to a problem of finding fuzzy set(More)
Resource-constrained project scheduling (RCPS) problem can be defined as a combinatorial problem of constructing a special plan for performing a number of precedence related tasks that have to be executed with the use of limited uncertain resources. In this paper we study the framework of a heuristic approach to deal with uncertainty while modelling RCPS(More)
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