Leonid Roytman

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In this paper, which is part of an ongoing sequence of papers devoted to the subject of efficient noise-tolerant lossless compression of satellite data for transmission, we describe an algorithm for this purpose which effectively addresses the above criteria. Our algorithm exhibit the potential to achieve noise-tolerant compression ratios averaging 3.2 : 1.(More)
As new instruments are developed, it is becoming clear that our ability to generate data is rapidly outstripping our ability to transmit this data. The Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI), that is currently being developed as the future imager on the Geostationary Environmental Satellite (GOES-R) series, will offer more spectral bands, higher spatial resolution,(More)
—This paper investigated the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) stability in the NOAA/NESDIS Global Vegetation Index (GVI) data during 1982-2003, which was collected from five NOAA series satellites. An empirical distribution function (EDF) was developed to eliminate the long-term inaccuracy of the NDVI data derived from the AVHRR sensor on NOAA(More)
ENTERPRISE VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN) WITH DENSE WAVELENGTH DIVISION MULTIPLEXING (DWDM) DESIGN by Aparicio Carranza Advisor: Professor Joseph Barba An innovative computer simulation and modeling tool for metropolitan area optical data communication networks is presented. These models address the unique requirements of Virtual Private Networks for(More)
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