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Fuzzy Extractors: How to Generate Strong Keys from Biometrics and Other Noisy Data
We provide formal definitions and efficient secure techniques for - turning biometric information into keys usable for any cryptographic application, and - reliably and securely authenticatingExpand
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Dynamic authenticated index structures for outsourced databases
In outsourced database (ODB)systems the database owner publishes its data through a number of remote servers, with the goal of enabling clients at the edge of the network to access and query the dataExpand
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Better than BiBa: Short One-Time Signatures with Fast Signing and Verifying
One-time signature schemes have foundn umerous applications: in ordinary, on-line/off-line, and forward-secure signatures. More recently, they have been usedin multicast and broad castExpand
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Physically Observable Cryptography (Extended Abstract)
Complexity-theoretic cryptography considers only abstract notions of computation, and hence cannot protect against attacks that exploit the information leakage (via electromagnetic fields, power con-Expand
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A New Forward-Secure Digital Signature Scheme
We improve the Bellare-Miner (Crypto '99) construction of signature schemes with forward security in the random oracle model. Our scheme has significantly shorter keys and is, therefore, moreExpand
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Breaking and repairing optimistic fair exchange from PODC 2003
In PODC 2003, Park, Chong, Siegel and Ray [22] proposed an optimistic protocol for fair exchange, based on RSA signatures. We show that their protocol is totally breakable already in the registrationExpand
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Sequential Aggregate Signatures from Trapdoor Permutations
An aggregate signature scheme (recently proposed by Boneh, Gentry, Lynn, and Shacham) is a method for combining n signatures from n different signers on n different messages into one signature ofExpand
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Physically Observable Cryptography
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Forward-Secure Signatures with Optimal Signing and Verifying
We propose the first forward-secure signature scheme for which both signing and verifying are as efficient as for one of the most efficient ordinary signature schemes (Guillou-Quisquater [GQ88]),Expand
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Robust Fuzzy Extractors and Authenticated Key Agreement from Close Secrets
Consider two parties holding correlated random variables W and W′, respectively, that are within distance t of each other in some metric space. These parties wish to agree on a uniformly distributedExpand
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