Leonid Pesin

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Adaptive navigation support (ANS) is a new direction of research within the area of adaptive interfaces. The goal of ANS techniques is to help users find an appropriate path in the learning and information space by adapting link presentation to the goals, knowledge, and other characteristics of an individual user. This paper is devoted to evaluation of(More)
The paper discusses a student-model-centred approach to building hypermedia-based intelligent learning environments and then presents ISIS-Tutor system, which provides an example of integrating a hypermedia technology into an intelligent learning environment. ISISTutor is intended for learning the print formatting language of an information retrieval system.
This paper discusses the problem of Integration of hypermedla and Intelligent Learning Environments (ILEs) technologies and the problem of creating an adaptive hypermedia component for ILE&. Our experience of creating an adaptive on-line help facilities for rrEM/iP system is described. This experience forms a background for our hypermedia work and provides(More)
Web-based Intelligent Design and Tutoring System (WINDS) is a European project with the objective to implement a learning environment integrating an intelligent tutoring system, a computer instruction management system and a set of cooperative tools. This environment will be used to build a large knowledge base supporting Architecture and Civil Engineering(More)
The paper presents a tool for the management of different metadata standards and for the efficient creation of metadata for learning object in the Adaptive Learning Environment. The Flexible Metadata Framework uses inheritance and inference on learning object metadata to support authors in the easy creation of metadata sets. Furthermore is enable(More)
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