Leonid Nazarov

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The fractal globule state is a popular model for describing chromatin packing in eukaryotic nuclei. Here we provide a scaling theory and dissipative particle dynamics computer simulation for the thermal motion of monomers in the fractal globule state. Simulations starting from different entanglement-free initial states show good convergence which provides(More)
A statistical model describing a fine structure of the intra-chromosome maps obtained by a genome-wide chromosome conformation capture method (Hi-C) is proposed. The model combines hierarchical chain folding with a quenched heteropolymer structure of primary chromatin sequences. It is conjectured that the observed Hi-C maps are statistical averages over(More)
A group of volunteers was exposed to coaction of carbon dioxide (concentration 300 mg/cu m) and heating microclimate (ambient temperature +50 +/- 2 degrees C, relative humidity 20 +/- 5%), simultaneously they received one of the medicines: placebo, bemitil (0.5 g), bromantane (0.25 g) or bemitil (0.5 g) combined with bromantane (0.25 g). Bromantane (0.25 g)(More)
Basing on experimental data, it was established that single administration of 0.5 mg bemitil increased human resistance to carbon oxide in concentration 300 mg/m3. The use of bemitil optimized human body state in the conditions of the complex influence of carbon oxide and extreme heating microclimate.
As a result of the proposed study it was established that a complex action of carbon oxide and toluene++ in 300 mg/m3 concentration in a combination with heating microclimate (leading to a maximum heat labour condition) results in an increased total biological effect. The coefficient to the complex action of carbon oxide and heating microclimate is equal to(More)
The statistical properties of intra-chromosome maps obtained by a genome-wide chromosome conformation capture method (Hi-C) are described in the framework of the hierarchical crumpling model of heteropolymer chain with quenched disorder in the primary sequence. We conjecture that the observed Hi-C maps are statistical averages over many different ways of(More)
Long-Term " Agreement on Collaboration in the Field of Remote Sensing of the Earth " has been signed in December 2002 between the Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics (IRE), Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), and NASA Center for Hydrology, Soil Climatology and Remote Sensing (HSCaRS), Alabama A&M University (AAMU). Among the topics of collaboration(More)
Experiments were performed to study the effect of carbon monoxide and ammonia on man wearing a protective suit. It was found that hypobaric oxygenation produced a modifying effect on the level of intoxication with these compounds. It is recommended to take into consideration specific environmental effects when standardizing concentrations of toxic(More)