Leonid M. Roytman

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  • Cindi Katz, Terence D Agbeyegbe, Sean C Ahearn, Samir A Ahmed, Stephen Ukpabi, Aja +128 others
  • 2014
THE PROGRAM The Ph.D. Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences offers a wide array of research options with faculty specializations in Geography and Geological Sciences, with focuses on atmospheric sciences, geographic information sciences, geology, geochemistry, geophysics, human geography, hydrology, and physical geography. Many of these areas include(More)
Epidemiologic data of malaria cases were correlated with satellite-based vegetation health (VH) indices to investigate if they can be used as proxy for monitoring malaria epidemics in Bangladesh. The VH indices were represented by the vegetation condition index (VCI) and the temperature condition index (TCI). The VCI and TCI estimate moisture and thermal(More)
Rice is a vital staple crop for Bangladesh and surrounding countries, with interannual variation in yields depending on climatic conditions. We compared Bangladesh yield of aus rice, one of the main varieties grown, from official agricultural statistics with Vegetation Health (VH) Indices [Vegetation Condition Index (VCI), Temperature Condition Index (TCI)(More)
Relationships between yearly malaria incidence and (1) climate data from weather station and (2) satellite-based vegetation health (VH) indices were investigated for prediction of malaria vector activities in Bangladesh. Correlation analysis of percent of malaria cases with Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer- (AVHRR-) based VH indices represented by(More)