Leonid M. Roytman

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of the infinite sums, appearing in the calculation of mobility and C,, is the gate oxide capacitance per unit area. The the variances for the steady-state case, known results can be used effect of channel length modulation is not included in (1) but is [2], [3]. Therefore, it is possible to plot diagrams of the statistics separately taken into account when(More)
Epidemiologic data of malaria cases were correlated with satellite-based vegetation health (VH) indices to investigate if they can be used as proxy for monitoring malaria epidemics in Bangladesh. The VH indices were represented by the vegetation condition index (VCI) and the temperature condition index (TCI). The VCI and TCI estimate moisture and thermal(More)
Rice is a vital staple crop for Bangladesh and surrounding countries, with interannual variation in yields depending on climatic conditions. We compared Bangladesh yield of aus rice, one of the main varieties grown, from official agricultural statistics with Vegetation Health (VH) Indices [Vegetation Condition Index (VCI), Temperature Condition Index (TCI)(More)
Relationships between yearly malaria incidence and (1) climate data from weather station and (2) satellite-based vegetation health (VH) indices were investigated for prediction of malaria vector activities in Bangladesh. Correlation analysis of percent of malaria cases with Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer- (AVHRR-) based VH indices represented by(More)
Summary form only given. The research is undertaken by NOAA/NESDIS, for its GOES-R Earth observation satellite series, to be launched in the 2013 time frame, to enable greater distribution of its scientific data, both within the US and internationally. We have developed a new lossless algorithm for compression of the signals from NOAA's environmental(More)