Leonid Litvinenko

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Morphological analysis of characteristics of shrimps from parthenogenetic and bisexual Artemia populations from a vast territory from the Urals to the Sayan Mountains was made. A normal distribution of the majority of parameters and a different degree of their interrelation and dependence on some environmental factors (salinity, ion composition, and ratio)(More)
The influence of salinity on 27 Artemia parthenogenetica populations in Siberia was investigated. Salinity in the lakes sampled ranged from 50 g l−1 to 265 g l−1. Artemia were characterized on the basis of biomass, number of cysts, weight and the length of females, number of cysts in brood and several biometric parameters. Average values of shrimp biomass,(More)
Radio Astronomy has seen important advances in the last three years. New instruments and new sophisticated technologies allowed extremely deep radio observations, which have brought to the definition of new radio source populations. Studies of regions very close to the central engine of the powerful radio sources have been possible with the higher angular(More)
Morphometric analysis of 24 populations of Artemia brine shrimps from lakes of Western Siberia and the Urals was performed during the growing season of 2010. Differentiation among these populations was revealed, with the level of total water mineralization being the main differentiating factor. Fluctuating asymmetry in the number of setae on the right and(More)
Based on the perennial monitoring (1995–2010) of hyperhaline water reservoirs in the south of Western Siberia with salinity from 28 to 417 g/L, four seasons in the development of biocoenoses are distinguished and integrated results of studies of the effect of environmental factors on the species composition and productivity of biocoenoses are presented. The(More)
A technique of surgical treatment of urinary stress incontinence (USI) in women is proposed. It consists of three stages. Stage 1 (intervaginal)--anterior colporaphy with plastic reconstruction of urogenital diaphragmatic muscles. Stage 2 (an original procedure)--fixation of the neck of the urinary bladder to musculus rectus abdominis and aponeurosis by(More)
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