Leonid Lazebnik

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AIMS To evaluate the safety and efficacy of levosimendan in patients with left ventricular failure complicating acute myocardial infarction. METHODS AND RESULTS Levosimendan at different doses (0.1-0.4 microg x kg(-1) x min(-1)) or placebo were administered intravenously for 6h to 504 patients in a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind study. The(More)
Hospital No. 64, Russian University of People’s Friendship, Moscow, Russia; Orion Pharma, Research Center, Espoo, Finland; P. Stradin’s Research and Teaching Hospital, Latvian Medical Academy, Riga, Latvia; A.L. Myasnikov Institute of Cardiology, Cardiology Research Center, Moscow, Russia; Cardiology Clinic, Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency(More)
AIM To elaborate optimal cell culture administration regimens to enhance the efficiency of anti-inflammatory therapy for inflammatory bowel diseases. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Three groups of patients with chronic continuous or chronic recurrent ulcerative colitis (UC) were formed according to the treatment option: 1) 15 patients with UC, in whom mesenchymal(More)
The first results of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells from the bone marrow transplantation to patients with ulcerative colitis demonstrated improved clinical course. We found an increasing in the duration of remission in patients with chronic recurrent and continuous recurrent course of ulcerative colitis. Also it was noted reducing the risk of relapse,(More)
Review Team: Richard Hunt, UK/Canada, David Armstrong, Canada, Peter Katelaris, Australia, Mary Afihene, Ghana, Abate Bane, Ethiopia, Shobna Bhatia, India, Min-Hu Chen, China, Myung Gyu Choi, Korea, Angelita Cristine Melo, Brazil, Kwong Ming Fock, Singapore, Alex Ford, United Kingdom, Michio Hongo, Japan, Aamir Khan, Pakistan, Leonid Lazebnik, Russia,(More)
AIM To detect specific morphological signs of hepatic lesion in patients with cholesterosis of the gall bladder and atherogenic dyslipidemia in the presence of steatohepatitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS Atherogenic dyslipidemia was detected in 150 patients with steatohepatitis. Ultrasound investigation diagnosed cholesterosis of the gall bladder in 51.3%(More)
Limited data exist to determine the prevalence and clinical spectrum of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in the Russian population, which might be different from those in Western countries. This study was performed in Moscow on randomized 1065 adults aged ≥ 15 years. A validated reflux questionnaire comprising 72 questions and an additional 29(More)
GOAL OF THE STUDY To assess the pathogenetic significance of the prostaglandin level in the mucous coat of the stomach in patients with osteoarthritis who take several types of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study of the E2 and F2alpha (prostaglandins levels in the blood and mucous coat of the stomach was conducted in 20(More)
AIM To study biological (cell and anticytokine) therapy-induced changes in the levels of proinflammatory cytokines in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). SUBJECTS AND METHODS Forty-four patients with chronic continuous or chronic recurrent IBD were examined. According to the performed therapy, the patients were divided into 3 groups: 1) 16(More)