Leonid L. Iomdin

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The paper describes a tagging scheme designed for the Russian Treebank and presents tools used for corpus creation. The present paper describes a project aimed at developing the first annotated corpus of Russian texts. Large text corpora have been used in the computational linguistics community for quite a long time now; at present, over 20 large corpora(More)
A multifunctional NLP environment, ETAP-3, is presented. The environment has several NLP applications, including a machine translation system, a natural language interface to SQL type databases, synonymous paraphrasing of sentences, syntactic error correction module, and a computer-assisted language learning tool. Emphasis is laid on a new module of the(More)
The paper presents the module of interactive word sense disambigua-tion and syntactic ambiguity resolution used within a machine translation system , ETAP-3. The method applied consists in asking the user to identify a word sense, or a syntactic interpretation, whenever the system lacks reliable data to make the choice automatically. In lexical(More)
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