Leonid Kozhanov

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Statistics on ENT cancer detection in Moscow say that in the last 3 years 70% patients with ENT cancer were first examined by the oncologist at advanced stage (III-IV) of the disease. Main objective and subjective causes of late diagnosis are analysed and measures to improve the situation with late ENT cancer diagnosis are proposed. Special attention is(More)
The authors have developed an original prosthetic appliance made of silicone rubber which makes it possible to conduct resections in advanced laryngeal tumors. Endoprosthetic resections have been performed in 21 patients. Frontal and lateral endoprosthetic laryngeal resections carried out in 15 patients enabled decanulation in 12 (80%) and voice recovery in(More)
The objective of the present study was to enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitation of the patients presenting with laryngeal cancer after the resection of the organ and laryngotomy with tracheoesophageal by-pass and endoprosthetics. Our experience in this field is based on the treatment of 102 patients. They were distributed by the nosological forms as(More)
The paper is devoted to surgical procedures aimed at voice reestablishment in patients without larynx removed for cancer. Original surgical techniques practiced by the authors are proposed: tracheoesophageal shunt with creation of the defense valve from the esophageal mucosa, esophagus and lower lip mucomuscular graft, bypass repair. The procedures were(More)