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This paper summarizes experience with the treatment of 50 patients with laryngeal cancer at different clinical stages of the pathological process. All the patients underwent comprehensive medical examination. Advantages and disadvantages of each method were evaluated in terms of efficiency for the assessment of the extent of laryngeal tumour and(More)
Laryngeal echosonography was made in 50 healthy subjects and 186 patients with laryngeal cancer to evaluate efficacy of ultrasound in diagnosis of laryngeal cancer. The study revealed sonographic characteristics typical for laryngeal cancer, endophytic tumors, in particular. Ultrasound can assess involvement of the laryngeal cartilages and severity of their(More)
The objective of the present study was to enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitation of the patients presenting with laryngeal cancer after the resection of the organ and laryngotomy with tracheoesophageal by-pass and endoprosthetics. Our experience in this field is based on the treatment of 102 patients. They were distributed by the nosological forms as(More)