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This brief describes neural modeling fields (NMFs) for object perception, a bio-inspired paradigm. We discuss previous difficulties in object perception algorithms encountered since the 1950s, and describe how NMF overcomes these difficulties. NMF mechanisms are compared to recent experimental neuroimaging observations, which have demonstrated that initial(More)
Fusion of sensor and communication data currently can only be performed at a late processing stage after sensor and textual information are formulated as logical statements at appropriately high level of abstraction. Contrary to this it seems, the human mind integrates sensor and language signals seamlessly, before signals are understood, at pre-conceptual(More)
Basic mechanisms of the mind, cognition, language, its semantic and emotional mechanisms are modeled using dynamic logic (DL). This cognitively and mathematically motivated model leads to a dual-model hypothesis of language and cognition. The paper emphasizes that abstract cognition cannot evolve without language. The developed model is consistent with a(More)