Leonid Hanin

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Recognition of words in conversational sentences of known topic was measured in nine normally hearing subjects by speechreading alone and by speechreading supplemented with auditory presentation of the output of an electroglottograph. Mean word recognition probability rose from 30% to 77% with the addition of the acoustic signal. When this signal was(More)
In two experiments, subjects repeated video-recorded sentences presented via speechreading with and without enhancement by a sensory input derived from the acoustic speech signal. Enhancement was measured as percentage increase in recognized words. In experiment 1, tactile presentation of fundamental frequency (F0) provided, after training, for three of(More)
In two experiments, the perception of words in sentences was measured by speechreading with and without tactile presentation of voice fundamental frequency (F0). The first experiment involved normally hearing subjects and two kinds of tactile display of F0: (1) a spatial, multichannel display; and (2) a temporal, single-channel display. Mean performance(More)
This article brings mathematical modeling to bear on the reconstruction of the natural history of prostate cancer and assessment of the effects of treatment on metastatic progression. We present a comprehensive, entirely mechanistic mathematical model of cancer progression accounting for primary tumor latency, shedding of metastases, their dormancy and(More)
We discuss philosophical, methodological, and biomedical grounds for the traditional paradigm of cancer and some of its critical flaws. We also review some potentially fruitful approaches to understanding cancer and its treatment. This includes the new paradigm of cancer that was developed over the last 15 years by Michael Retsky, Michael Baum, Romano(More)
the world's scientific community lost one of its most brilliant and innovative members – Dr. Andrei Yakovlev. He was 63, and at the zenith of his intellectual powers. With his uncanny ability to persuade and to ignite interest in his ideas, he challenged and stimulated everyone around him through his keen scientific vision and unparalleled intellectual(More)
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