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OBJECTIVE Carinal resection is the most complicated procedure in tracheobronchial surgery. The main aspects of the technique are still debated at the present time. We present our experience of 231 carinal resections with analysis of operative techniques, complications and long-term survival. METHODS Since 1979 we have performed 231 carinal resections.(More)
OBJECTIVE The optimal management of bronchial fistulae remains a surgical challenge. To assess the relative efficacy of the transsternal approach in the treatment of short stump bronchial fistula we analyzed a cohort of patients who underwent this type of surgery in our department during an almost 19 year period. METHODS Of a series of 49 patients with(More)
The results of screening of 510 patients with acute gastrointestinal diseases over the period of 1986 to 1991 are presented. Rotaviruses were shown to be the infection agents in 112 (60%) children and 76 (40%) adults. The phoretyping of the isolated strains revealed cocirculation of 17 different phoretypes of rotaviruses: 8 "long" and 9 "short" ones. At the(More)
Assuming that the second alkaloid was a N-oxide, we reduced it with zinc dust in 5% sulfuric acid. The reduced base had Rf 0.80 in the c h l o r o f o r m m e t h a n o l (9 : 1) sys tem and 0.54 in the benzene-d ie thy l e t h e r m e t h a n o l (10 : 5 : 2) sys tem. On chromatography with alkaloid "marke r s , " the Rf value of this alkaloid coincided(More)
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