Leonid Faybusovich

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One of the central issues in dextrous robotic hand grasping is to balance external forces acting on the object and at the same time achieve grasp slability and minimum grasping effort. A companion paper shows that the nonlinear friction-force limit constraints on grasping forces are equivalent to the positive definiteness of a certain matrix subject to(More)
2 Duality, central trajectories and We develop an interior-point technique for soiving quadratic dynamical systems programming problem in a Hilbert space.As an example we consider an application of these results to the linear-quadratic control problem with linear inequality constraints. It is shown that the Newton step in this situation is basically reduced(More)
We consider primal-dual algorithms for certain types of infinite-dimensional optimization problems. Our approach is based on the generalization of the technique of finite-dimensional Euclidean Jordan algebras to the case of infinite-dimensional JB-algebras of finite rank. This generalization enables us to develop polynomial-time primal-dual algorithms for(More)
We describe a Jordan-algebraic version of results related to convexity of images of quadratic mappings as well as related results on exactness of symmetric relaxations of certain classes of nonconvex optimization problems. The exactness of relaxations is proved based on rank estimates. Our approach provides a unifying viewpoint on a large number of(More)