Leonid Andreev

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In this paper, we present an overview of the Virtual Data Center (VDC) software, an open-source digital library system for the management and dissemination of distributed collections of quantitative data. (see <http://TheData.org>). The VDC functionality provides everything necessary to maintain and disseminate an individual collection of research studies,(More)
This paper provides a description of a new method for information processing based on holistic approach wherein analysis is a direct product of synthesis. The core of the method is iterative averaging of all the elements of a system according to all the parameters describing the elements. It appears that, contrary to common logic, the iterative averaging of(More)
This paper describes a new method, HGV2C, for analysis of patterns, which represents a new modification of the previously described method for non-probabilistic hypothesis generation and verification (HGV). The HGV2C method involves the construction of a 'computer ego' (CE) based on an individual object that can be either a part of the system under analysis(More)
The previously described methodology for hierarchical grouping of objects through iterative averaging has been used for simulation of cooperative interactions between objects of a system with the purpose of investigation of the conformational organization of the system. Interactions between objects were analyzed within the space of an isotropic field of one(More)
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