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The Virtual Data Center software is an open-source, digital library system for quantitative data. The authors discuss what the software does, how it provides an infrastructure for the management and dissemination of distributed collections of quantitative data, and the replication of results derived from these data. R esearchers in social sciences, and in(More)
In this paper, we present an overview of the Virtual Data Center (VDC) software, an open-source digital library system for the management and dissemination of distributed collections of quantitative data. (see <http://TheData.org>). The VDC functionality provides everything necessary to maintain and disseminate an individual collection of research studies,(More)
This paper provides a description of a new method for information processing based on holistic approach wherein analysis is a direct product of synthesis. The core of the method is iterative averaging of all the elements of a system according to all the parameters describing the elements. It appears that, contrary to common logic, the iterative averaging of(More)
This paper describes a new method, HGV2C, for analysis of patterns, which represents a new modification of the previously described method for non-probabilistic hypothesis generation and verification (HGV). The HGV2C method involves the construction of a 'computer ego' (CE) based on an individual object that can be either a part of the system under analysis(More)
The previously described methodology for hierarchical grouping of objects through iterative averaging has been used for simulation of cooperative interactions between objects of a system with the purpose of investigation of the conformational organization of the system. Interactions between objects were analyzed within the space of an isotropic field of one(More)
A new type II restriction endonuclease, Bmel42I, was partially purified and characterized from Bacillus megaterium 142. It has been seen in a crude extract, because this bacterial strain does not have significant amounts of contaminating nucleases. The enzyme was purified by chromatography on phospho-cellulose Pll (elution buffer-10 mM K-phosphate, pH 7.0,(More)
The author introduces a set of integrated developments in Web application software, networking, data citation standards, and statistical methods designed to increase scholarly recognition for data contributions; to put some of the universe of data and data-sharing practices on firmer ground; and to facilitate the public distribution of persistent,(More)
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