Leonhard Euler

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Here are treated the elements of the theory of the motion of fluids in general, the whole matter being reduced to this: given a mass of fluid, either free or confined in vessels, upon which an arbitrary motion is impressed, and which in turn is acted upon by arbitrary forces, to determine the motion carrying forward each particle, and at the same time to(More)
1. The registers of the births and of the deaths at each age, which are published in several places every year, provide so many of the different questions on the mortality and the multiplication of the human race, that it would be too lengthy to report all of them. Now, one depends for the most part in a way on the others, that having developed one or two(More)
  • Teresa Krick-Abril, W Leib-Niz, L Euler, E Bézout, C G J Jacobi Su Presentación Moderna Se Debe, J J Sylvester
  • 2015
Mi agradecimiento a Alicia Dickenstein, Eduardo Cattani y Vilmar Trevisan, quienes me instigaron tácitamente a escribir este texto, y también por sus observaciones y comenta-rios que ayudaron a mejorarlo. Las resultantes, y subresultantes, de dos polinomios univariados se remontan a G. Sean f = a m x m + · · · + a 0 y g = b n x n + · · · + b 0 dos(More)
In this paper, we investigate the schrödinger equation in a given -dimensional fractional space with a columb potential depending on a parameter and obtain explicit solution of second order linear ordinary differential equation. 1 Introduction Fractional differential equations have recently been proved to be valuable tools in the modeling of many phenomena(More)
Acknowledgements First of all I thank God, the Almighty, for blessing me with courage, patience, perseverance, and all one needs to accomplish a doctoral dissertation. At this moment in time, when I look back, I see a long list of people who helped me achieve this important milestone in my life and to those I feel obliged to express my gratitude. The first(More)
TEXTBOOK UniT OBJECTiVEs Primes are the fundamental building blocks of arithmetic. • There are infinitely many prime numbers. • The fundamental theorem of arithmetic says that each whole number can be • uniquely decomposed into a product of primes. The answer to whether or not there is a pattern behind the primes has eluded • mathematicians for millennia.(More)
In this work initial numbers and repunit numbers have been studied. All numbers have been considered in a decimal notation. The problem of simplicity of initial numbers has been studied. Interesting properties of numbers repunit are proved: gcd(Ra, Rb) = R gcd(a,b) ; Rab/(Ra Rb) is an integer only if gcd(a, b) = 1, where a ≥ 1, b ≥ 1 are integers. Dividers(More)
A Brief History of Optimization Research: The history of optimization of real-valued non-linear functions (including linear ones), unconstrained or constrained, goes back to mathematicians often assumed differentiability of the optimand as well as constraint functions. Moreover, they often dealt with the equality constraints. Richard Valentine (1937) and(More)