Leonhard Euler

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Here are treated the elements of the theory of the motion of fluids in general, the whole matter being reduced to this: given a mass of fluid, either free or confined in vessels, upon which an arbitrary motion is impressed, and which in turn is acted upon by arbitrary forces, to determine the motion carrying forward each particle, and at the same time to(More)
The measuring of risks or expectations is afflicted with many difficulties, which gamblers experience either settling a contested deposit or having been defeated by the victor being obligated to pay a designated sum of money. Without doubt this measure , the fundamentals of which Pascal has laid down and after him Huygens, Jacob Bernoulli and other renowned(More)
Leonhard Euler (1707–1783) – one of the greatest mathematicians of the eighteenth century and of all times – often corresponded with a friend of his, Christian Goldbach (1690–1764), an amateur and poly-math who lived and worked in Russia, just like Euler himself. In a letter written in June 1742, Goldbach made a conjecture – that is, an educated guess – on(More)
Acknowledgements First of all I thank God, the Almighty, for blessing me with courage, patience, perseverance, and all one needs to accomplish a doctoral dissertation. At this moment in time, when I look back, I see a long list of people who helped me achieve this important milestone in my life and to those I feel obliged to express my gratitude. The first(More)
Your abstract here. No formula or citation in the abstract MSC: ... 1 Deadline and page length Papers can be submitted for publication to any member of the Editorial Board. Submissions to the Secretariate will be also considered. Page length not limited It is mandatory that the file correspond precisely to the template 2 Instructions The file must be(More)