Leonelo Dell Anhol Almeida

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Although the dyslexia has significant occurrence in the global population, ranging from 15 to 20%, not much is known about how developers, designers, and content producers should respect differences and consider people with dyslexia in the Web. In this paper we present a survey regarding the state of the art on dyslexia and Web Accessibility. From the(More)
People with dyslexia often face difficulties on consuming written content at the Web. This occurs mainly because websites' designs do not consider the barriers faced by them, since dyslexia is not taken into account as often as other functional limitations. Guidelines for designing accessible Web pages are being consolidated and studied. Meanwhile, people(More)
Information and Communication Technology has the potential of benefiting citizens, allowing access to knowledge, communication and collaboration, and thus promoting the process of constitution of a fairer society. The design of systems that make sense to the users’ community and that respect their diversity demands socio-technical views and an in-depth(More)
e-Cidadania is a research Project inspired by one of the current grand challenges of Computer Science research in Brazil for the next years: the Participative and Universal Access to Knowledge for the Brazilian Citizen. This Project investigates the relationship people establish in their informal communities organized around some special interests, how they(More)
Vila na Rede is an Inclusive Social Network (ISN) system developed as a product of e-Cidadania's Project, with the objective of being accessible to a broad variety of users, including those less familiar with technology or with low literacy skills. Different features were incorporated into Vila na Rede in order to provide its users with scaffolding learning(More)
  • ESTADUAL DE CAMPINAS, Leonelo Dell, +6 authors Maria Cećılia Calani Baranauskas
  • 2008
The Brazilian society faces today a situation characterized by enormous differences with regard to socio-economics, culture as well as access to technology and knowledge. This Technical Report, developed within the project e-Cidadania, contributes with investigations regarding new methods of design to address the questions a system opened to the differences(More)