Leonardo Vidal

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Echinodorus macrophyllus, commonly known as chapéu-de-couro, is a medicinal plant used in folk medicine to treat inflammation and rheumatic diseases. In this work, we used short-term bacterial assays based on the induction of SOS functions to examine the genotoxicity and mutagenicity of an aqueous extract of E. macrophyllus leaves. Whole extract and an(More)
During the last years there has been a strong research effort on the autonomic communications and self-management paradigms. Following this impulse, the academic community and the industry have proposed several architectures and techniques to allow network devices to make their own configuration decisions. Those proposals often include resource-expensive(More)
Several countries such as Uruguay and Brazil are implementing the well-known One Laptop Per Child Program (OLPC) by which every child that assists to the primary school obtains in property a laptop with wireless capabilities. They carry their laptops from home to school and back every day and, as seen in the experience, they also carry their laptops to(More)
Erva cidreira (Melissa officinalis) is a plant with sedative properties and in Brazil it has been used for insomnia and anxiety. It is also employed to stimulate liver functions and normalize menstruation and for intestinal constipation. The aim of this work was to evaluate the genotoxic and mutagenic effects of erva cidreira. Results indicate the presence(More)
Uruguay is undertaking a countrywide deployment of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) initiative, named Plan Ceibal. The technical challenges imposed by this project are both the computing infrastructure, involving the XO laptop distribution to every scholar in addition to the maintenance of a distributed server platform, and wireless communication(More)
– Cluster analysis has a growing importance in many research areas, especially those involving problems of pattern recognition. Generally, in real world problems, the number of classes is unknown in advance, being necessary to have criterions to identify the best choice of clusters. Here we propose an extension to Fisher Linear Discriminant, the EFLD that(More)
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